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Personal Training 

Its time to take that first step of your journey and create a healthy lifestyle 


What is included in your PT session? 

well, what is your goal? 

Depending on your goal will determine the type of training that will be programmed during your session. 

Having a personal trainer is more then just a 45min training session, you now have a trainer to guide you. This includes helping and educating you to build the confidence to train yourself outside of your PT sessions, to provide you with advise on nutrition and to hold you to your long term and weekly goals.

As your personal trainer, Kiarah will be available to you during and outside of your PT sessions.  


1:1 PT session is valued at $75 

2:1 PT session is valued at $45 per person- $90 total.

All prices including GST 

" All progress takes place outside the comfort zone "

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