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8 Week Nutrition Challenge

Its time to take that first step of your journey and create a healthy lifestyle 

Brief description of what is included within the 8 week challenge. 

You will get to choose between a fat loss or building program.

The 8 week challenge will start and finish with a 1:1 consultation. In the consultation together we will go over

  • Goal setting 

  • knowledge of calories and macros 

  • Design a training plan for the week around your goals

  • Pinch test to work out BF% and waist measurement 

  • Knowledge on how to use Myfitnesspal

  • Progress photos 

Throughout the 8 weeks you will receive fortnightly 1:1 check in to ensure you stay on track and to be there for any guidance. 


Enquire to receive a video in your emails with all the information you need to know about the challenge. 

Sometimes the very best breakfast eats are the simplest._edited.jpg

" All progress takes place outside the comfort zone "

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