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Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to burn lots of calories whilst meeting new people and having some fun. 

The current classes being ran are Bootcamp, Cardio Boxing and Combo Boxing, all classes are a duration of 45min. 

BOOTCAMP - A fullbody workout outdoors (unless raining). This workout will consist of resistance and cardio allowing you to work on your strength whilst getting the heart rate up and improving your endurance. This is a perfect class for those with a goal of toning up the whole body. 

CARDIO BOXING- This class is aimed to get the heart rate up and for it to stay high for the duration of your boxing period. Getting you to work within a 80%-100%  max effort for short burst of time. Great way to burn lots of calories and start your day. 

COMBO BOXING- This class is the combination of different components of boxing put into combo. Every combo will be different and unique and skill related. It will test the mind as each combo will require, not just speed but power, rhythm, foot work, reaction and core stability. 

" All progress takes place outside the comfort zone "

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